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Sad Day In The D

Posted on: December 16, 2008 9:09 am

With the Colorado Avalanche going into the D beating the Wings 3-2. Osgood with another poor game and the defence collapsing and allowing breakaways, long stretches of pressure by not getting it out of the zone.

Mixing and mashing lines to try and get enough pressure to give the defence a break shouldn't have to be a priority. One line that I had been waiting for is Datz, Hank, and Hossa. They finally came together and got a goal right off the faceoff.

I would like to bring up another point; I believe this rivalry is dead. There was no real cheapshots or behind the play crap. I think that maybe the Blackhawks or the Ducks are the new rivalry. The blackhawks are always competative now with there new young talent; they are cheap and piss people off. The Wings pretty much ended the Avs/Wings rivalry when the Avs weren't even competative last year and losing all 8 games to the wings.

And other that the wings, the lions still haven't won a game.

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